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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Double the love! St. Augustine, FL newborn photographer, Jennifer Howell

I was absolutely over the moon when I was contacted by these newborn twin's mommy! I have photographed numerous newborns, but never twins before! (They are fraternal twins, by the way) I am always honored when a parent trusts me enough to document the first precious days of their child's life, but this was double special.
I immediately enlisted the help of my good friend, Elaine, because she is the mommy of 5 year old twins herself and I needed an extra set of hands. And who better to be an expert than a mommy of twins? She helped me so much in rocking and placing and the soothing of the babies the babies----and the mom! Thanks again, Elaine, for sticking with us for three hours...That's how long newborn sessions last usually, just so you all know out there...two to three hours. We like for the babes to be sleeping and curled up. Usually, I like to photograph newborns at 6 to 12 days old. These little guys were almost two months, so it was a little more challenging to get them to sleep, but finally, they both fell asleep at the same time! Ahhhh...bliss...and a few great shots later, they both woke up. But, we still got some really good shots of them and mommy was really happy with them...thank goodness!

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