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Monday, January 10, 2011

Before and Afters - St. Augustine, FL Childrens Photographer

My New Years resolution is a no-brainer---to keep up with the blog more. No more excuses of being busy or whatever. Another would be to post more informative content on photography in general and what makes me different from other photographers out there. There seems to be a new photographer that pops up every other day it seems. I really feel what sets me apart from the "newbies" is my years of art experience and just being in "the biz" for a lot longer. Also, it's in the editing and what you can do with your photos after they come out of the camera and land in Photoshop or whatever program the photographer uses.
Take the above examples, for instance. There is not much difference in the first example before and after but just minor touches to really bring out the subject's eyes and light of the overall photo. The second is a bit more pronounced. Newborn's skin is always a little red or blotchy and that is a must in getting rid of that. I then tweaked the skin color a bit to be more yellow than blue to give it a warmer effect. Next I retouched out the padding under the front baby. I then ran a beautiful soft action I found in photoshop and a texture or two later added to the edges and the final product was done. It does take me time to work with your pictures and get them just how I want. So, please take that into account when we do your photo session.
I hope this helps a bit to understand what goes into the process of professional photography a bit more. This is just the tip of the iceberg...

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Cecilia Rowe said...

One of the most important reasons you are different from many of the "photographer newbies" is also that you are TALENTED and have a super eye for your subject matter! Your work has certainly matured, but you have always been gifted, Jennifer, and THAT is part of why you are a great photographer to employ and certainly worth trusting to capture my family in the best way. Some of the most meaningful pictures I have of my family have been with you behind the camera. ;-)

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