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Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year Photography Sale! Photography by Jennifer Howell, St. Augustine, FL

Hello Valued Customer/Friend of mine!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year!!

Ours was especially great since I ate till my hearts content AND just found out that my health is back to normal (somewhat) ha! What IS normal?? I had a scare of thinking I was going to have to have surgery to remove a mass a few months back in my tummy, but all is well now as it is has gone away!! I am truly blessed that my family is healthy and happy.

On to the SALE part which I'm sure you are wondering about..

I didn't have too many of these over the holidays and felt like sharing my happiness for the new year by offering 2 of them to you now! So make sure you scroll down to the end of this email to see the second sale...

First, is the DIGITAL IMAGE SALE. As most of you know, I caved and started selling high-resolution digital images on cds a few months back. It was a hard decision to make, but I needed to stay with the times we live in, the "digital age", where everyone wants to share images on their computer devices and print their own products. Well, the sale part is that I have reduced the price of the digital image for you---some of you spoke up and I listened! I hope this makes it more accessible for you to now own the rights to your images and do with them what you please! The digital prices listed below are only until I get a feel for what is selling and then this might be adjusted again in the near future, or I might even decide I don't want to offer this anymore, so get in on it while you can! The digital image ensures you have these images for a lifetime of printing/sharing how YOU want. I have some links to share with you of a perfect printer and a place to get Christmas cards, birth announcements printed too after your purchase, I wouldn't leave you hanging with the images and let you go to WalMart to print them!! Please don't go to WalMart, Walgreens or any other hour photo place to print them!! They adjust everything and leave the image looking so bad. So, if you have done a photo session with me before, in the last few years, please check with me to see if I still have your images, and I will put them on a disc for you to have. :-)

One high res. dig. Image--$90

3 images(buy 2 get one free)--$180

10 images(buy 5 get 5 free)--$450

ALL edited images from session---$600

(keep in mind i present 20-25 fully edited images to you after editing)

The second SALE is my Birthday Photo Session special! My birthday is on Jan. 12th and I will be --gasp--- 41. If you book/pay for a session by next week, Jan. 11th, (we must do the session in the next six mos.--that's thru June 2012), I will give you 41% off the session! That makes a studio session only $44.25!! And an on-location session only $73.75 (less than a normal studio session)!! Tell your friends!!!

Call me at: 904-910-0958 or email me!

I look forward to hearing from you soon...



Jennifer Howell

Photography by Jennifer Howell

St. Augustine, FL

ph. 904.910.0958


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