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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Quite a Scare!

I'm sure most of you know by now that my son, Drew broke his arm a few weeks back at school when he fell off the monkey bars.

It was such a scare for me at 1:15 on Fri. afternoon to get the call from the school. I think I literally flew to the school and was met by the ambulance and Drew laying on a stretcher. Talk about fear for a mommy! He wasn't crying but looked as if he was in pain. I tried to keep it together when they told me it looked "pretty bad" and need to go to Wolfson children's hospital because it may need surgery! We then took a LONG ride to the hospital in the ambulance(which Drew thought was pretty cool) All the while he didn't cry but said, "mommy my arm hurts". He did say something funny on the ride there when I asked how it happened. He said simply, "I fell off the monkey bars, mommy, I should've landed on my feet on my new tennis shoes"! I had just bought him new Thomas the Train shoes the day before. We didn't find out how bad the break was until we got to the hospital (Ron met us there, thank God he was in town!)and they took off the splint the paramedics had put on...xrays showed that the humerus, the top bone in the left arm, was broken all the way through and would need immediate surgery. They put 2 pins into the bone to correct it. The surgery went well and he had no reactions to the anesthesia or meds., thankfully. I am so glad we went to the best pediatric hospital around, Wolfson, they took wonderful care of our baby. All the nurses and doctors said he was a "trooper" because he was so brave with all the i.v.'s, sawing his cast, etc that they did all without any crying or whining. We were very proud of how tough our little boy was/is. We stayed overnight so they could monitor him and came home Sat. afternoon. We are glad to be home and getting a little more sleep! He should have his cast on for 3 weeks, at that point they will take the two pins out of his arm. Then they will put a splint on him for another two weeks.

Ron left town today and my mom will be spending the next two nights helping me, because as of right now, his arm is pretty swollen still and we have to keep it elevated 24-7, with doses of pain medicine every 4 hrs. even thru the night. It will be nice to have someone here so I can run out and do errands if I need to.

We are so thankful to all our neighbors, family and friends for their well wishes, gifts and concern! He has had a lot of visitors already! We are fine as of now and don't really need anything, just for his arm to heal...

I have a photo of Drew with his cast but cannot upload it due to problems with Blogger...updates soon.


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